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DON'T FORGET: Video Is A Business Growth Strategy (2017)

When you are thinking about making videos for your company, it can be difficult to know where to start. Most business owners I work with want to know the same things:

How can you save money while making videos that will be well received by your audience. More importantly, how can you be sure that the videos you are producing will actually move you closer to hitting your business goals this quarter.

One thing is for sure, If you forget your business goals when you start down the road of video production, you will pay for it!

With so many channels, video formats, and tools available to you, there are distracting, shiny objects around every corner. Even the most sound business men can fall victim to the sirens call. When lights and camera's come out and words like viral, brand, and influencer start getting thrown around it's easy to let business objectives and ROI be surrendered in exchange for ego and trends.

Tons of "creative" agencies want to make something that looks good for their reel, or is a work of art they can put on their website to attract more clients. And they are happy to let you foot the bill.

I always remind my clients that Award winning movies and commercials have been shot with iPhones. If you are considering using videos in your companies growth strategy, schedule a call with one of our video marketing strategists and find out exactly how you should be using video to business objectives.

Our friends at the Hotze Health and Wellness Center, are a great example of influencers we have worked with to produce content under budget, on time, while meeting their key business objectives.

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