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Baratti & Milano: The Kings Chocolate Comes To America (2019)

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

For a startup marketing company, it's rare that you get to work with a brand with so much history. Founded in 1858, Baratti & Milano is part of the Italian confectionery history. The high quality of its products has gained important recognition since its origins, so much so that it can boast the Savoy coat of arms as "supplier of the Royal House". His fame developed from the historic cafeteria in the heart of Turin, now a historic venue in Italy. After more than 150 years it is among the most prestigious Italian brands in the world of chocolate and confectionery, its creations are refined and loved refinements.

Kelly and Tracy Lafinn have recently began importing this iconic brand to America and we have been working to ensure that the social media presence is in line with the the luxurious aesthetics of Baratti & Milano while treating chocolate enthusiasts to the history and process behind the premium quality confections.

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