• Mason Diaz

Update: KAIO MEDIA offering PPC management for HVAC

I am excited to announce a brand new service offering for Kaio Media.

We are now offering PPC management and automated lead follow up for the HVAC industry. We have partnered with a talented team of paid media experts, that have a track record of providing consistent results for HVAC companies across the country.

The cool thing about our system is that since our team is already managing campaigns for the HVAC industry they are able to use machine learning technology to improve the targeting in real-time, driving down the cost per lead and stay ahead of rising ad costs.

Our new clients will be able bypass the testing phase and start getting results within the first week of launching!

Here are some examples of ads we are running and the metrics our team is generating:

HVAC Facebook Ad:

Current Benchmarks:

Avg. Cost-Per-Lead (CPL): $40 - $65 Avg. Client Conversion Rate: 30% - 50% Avg. Cost Per Client (CPA): $80 - $130

In other words, the here is the math for what our HVAC owners are making in the first 30 days with an ad spend of $1,500.

$1500 Ad spend = 23 leads 

30% conversion = 7 Clients 

7 clients at $5000

meaning your ad spend generated $35,000 on the first month.

If you would like to find out more about our system, and how it works, just contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions.

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